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Read our tips to help you decide which garage door to get and the best way to repair it.

Clean components before lubricating them

Garage door parts must be perfectly clean before lubrication maintenance. If they are not, the results of your efforts will go in vain. Residues from lubricants in combination with dirt and dust collected over the months must be cleaned or they will be mixed with the new lubricants and the movement will be totally stiff.

Garage door lock lubrication

How do you apply the lubricant on the lock mechanism as you complete garage door maintenance? Our garage door repair specialists say it’s simple. You just have to spray it into the keyhole a few times until the lubricant is evenly distributed. Be careful not to spray too much. While you’re at it, also try lubricating the hinges, fasteners, and springs.

How to check if your garage door is balanced

The springs on your garage door (torsion or extension) are the ones that are carrying most of the weight of the door as it is opened or closed. To check if your springs are doing what they're supposed to be doing, check your door's balance by detaching it from the opener and then lifting the door up half way. If your springs are working fine, the door should remain still.

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