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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance 24/7 ServicesGarage doors have certainly come a long way from being functional and manually-driven to aesthetic and totally remote controlled. Our company provides garage door maintenance as we understand the importance of buying a high quality garage door and keeping it maintained to extend the life of your door. Once you have bought a new home, everything may seem like it is working properly and homeowners will often feel like they have everything figured out, including their garage door. However, as with any type of electrical equipment within your home, garage doors also need periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. If you have decided to put servicing your door on the back burner, it’s time to pull it off and call us to let the experts do the work for you.

Garage Door Maintenance Baymeadows

Overhead doors are typically the largest moving piece of equipment in your home. If it is serviced and maintained on a regular basis, people will notice as your door will allow seamless entry for your family and friends. You may have heard of many do-it-yourself tips that may help in the short run or even a visual garage door inspection may serve the purpose. However, major repairs and replacements need a thorough inspection from the professionals.

As there are several independent parts in your overhead system, garage door troubleshooting is mandatory for any home owner. We follow a systematic approach and ensure that a plan is in place to give your door a tune up. We inspect rollers, hinges, the counterbalance system, tracks, and even the external weather seal. We will also lubricate the opener chains, springs, rollers, and panel hinges to ensure optimal performance and safety for you and your family. Other things we will check or adjust are the spring tension, the door opener safety settings, the opener down force pressure and the electronic eyes.

Regular maintenance and lubrication of all parts of your overhead door is an essential type of maintenance and there are few companies in the Bay Meadows area who understand and respond quickly to your repair and replacement needs. Moreover, proper upkeep of the garage door system also ensures that you don’t incur endless costs for repairs or servicing in the future.

The importance of safety procedures cannot be stressed enough. Incorrect installation and repairs of your overhead system could result in injury or even death.

If you want your door fixed the right way with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, call us today and schedule your appointment for garage door maintenance.

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