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Are you wondering which garage door openers are the best? Read simply put answers here

Noises coming from your garage might be a warning that something in it is being damaged. Scroll down below and take a look at our FAQ page for answers to many of today’s most common garage door problems.

Why aluminum doors are less expensive?

Aluminum is an excellent material for many applications and one of its great properties is its resistance to elements. Though, it's very soft for garage doors and it will be dented easily. It won't be ideal for windy regions and totally unsuitable for hurricane prone areas. So, it's cheaper because it's not completely reliable.

How do I know what size of motor to choose?

The size and power of a motor should be directly proportional to the size of the garage door that it will be operating. The specifications of the motor would usually indicate its limits, including the maximum weight it could lift. Typical garage doors usually require a 1/3 HP motor.

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