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Garage Door Springs

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The springs are important parts of any garage door system. Here you can learn about torsion and extension ones, as well as how you should address any malfunctioning issues.Garage Door Springs

Torsion Spring Types

The traditional system uses a single torsion spring mounted over a shaft. It is positioned in the center. The EZ-Set system usually has two springs in case of a two-car garage door. They have the same design, but they are installed on the two opposite sides of the shaft. They are mounted on winders which make the adjustment safer and quicker. When it comes to spring make, there are two options. Most components are made from galvanized steel which is resistant to rust and corrosion. There are also oil tempered springs. They are made from steel wire which has been dipped into hot oil.

Extension Spring Performance

Unlike their torsion counterparts, these springs always come in two. They are mounted above the horizontal tracks. The back side of each spring is attached to a bolt while the front one is connected to a pulley via a specially designed fork. The system actually includes two pulleys on each side with the lift cable going around them. When the door is closed, the springs are stretched and help to keep the door in place. They contract while the door opens, using the force they store up while stretching so that it is used in the process.

Spring Repair

There are various things that can go wrong. If the spring has either too much or not enough tension, the door will be hard to close or hard to open respectively. While the tension of torsion springs can be adjusted with winding and unwinding, extension ones have to be replaced. When there is serious damage such as deformed or chipped coil, the component should be changed. If a spring breaks, immediate replacement is required. Without this component, the door is at risk of collapsing. Even though the risk is small, it shouldn’t be underestimated.

If you have any problem with your springs or garage door, call us at Garage Door Repair in Baymeadows to get professional solutions fast. We repair and replace extension and torsion springs of all types, makes and manufacturers. Our maintenance and installation services cover these hardware parts too.

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