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Maintaining garage door openers

06/30/2014 Back To Blog

A garage door opener has made life so easy and convenient for all of us, plus they provide security and safety. Most openers last around 10-12 years depending on their usage but they will last much longer with proper maintenance. This is not such a difficult task to perform and can be done easily by an average homeowner who can spare a little time and effort. In fact maintenance needs to be done just once or twice a year. Here are a few ideas –Garage Door Opener 24/7 Services


  • Determine the type of opener

If you own a garage door opener, then they can be broadly divided into three drive types. The chains drive systems that are commonly used and are noisy as the electric motor drives the chain. The belt-drive system is smooth and quiet as a rubber belt is used rather than the chain. The screw driver type systems have a threaded steel rod that helps in lifting and lowering the door. This is very helpful in lifting large and heavy doors.


  • Maintaining door openers

Referring to the owner’s manual can be very helpful. If you do not have one, it can always be downloaded from the company’s website. The first step is to visually inspect all parts such as brackets, tracks and cables. Tighten or adjust them if required. The batteries in the remote control or wall control keypad should be checked and replaced if required. Test the auto reverse system every few months by placing an object in the path of the opener’s electronic eyes. On closing the door, it should reopen quickly. The cord that connects the opener and the electrical outlet should not be frayed. It is ideal to have a battery back-up and also the manual release handles should be checked if they are working properly.

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